WARP 66 Studios

Having the perfect backdrop for making Star Trek fan films like The Federation Files needs a permanent place like WARP 66 Studios. Owners Glen L. Wolfe and Dan R. Reynolds have several studios which house the many different sets used to produce not only The Federation Files but is the locales for other fan film producers who come to create their own Star Trek fan films.

Built from exact measurments from the original Star Trek series bluprints, WARP 66 Studios houses iconic sets like the Bridge, Sick Bay, The Transporter Room, Corridors, Briefing /Recreation Room, Captains Quarters and the Shuttle Craft interior.

The Original 360 Series Bridge
WARP 66 Flippin
Romulan Runabout interior set
Shuttle Craft Interior Set
Sick Bay
Transporter Room
TOS Bridge
TOS Bridge