The Fan Film Director’s Choice Awards


Directors Choice Fan Film Awards

Select and judge fan films by peers (i.e. Other Fan Film Directors)

Judges are the Directors of the fan films submitted.
The director of each submitted film will receive a ballot to vote on the other entries. A Director cannot vote for any film that lists them as a Director.
Month of February
Directors submitting their fan film will complete a submission form for their film which was released the prior calendar year.

Submission form will include Film Name, Summary and up to five categories to be considered for award. Multiple film submissions by the same Director are permitted. A separate submission fee must accompany each film.

Form must be accompanied by the submission fee (TBD)
Award announcement April 5th
 Ballot will be compiled and emailed to each Judge for completion. Voting period will be One week from receipt. Failure to complete and return ballot results a disqualification for offender’s film.
Awards shall be in the form of an electronic certificate.
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Original Costuming
Best Make-up/ Hairstyling
Best F/X Make-up
Best Cinematography
Best Original Music
Best Audio Mixing
Best Screenplay

Best Parody
Best Foreign Fan Film
Most Valuable Crew Member

*This award is given to one individual from each film as selected by that films director.
Aside from listed categories an Award for Best Fan Film will be awarded to the film which receives the most combined votes overall.