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The Federation Files shared Starbase Studios's video. ...

Director, Michael King and Director of photography, Brady Foster of "Animals", a Star Trek fan film who recently completed interior scenes at Starbase Studios, talk over blocking for the final 'beam down' scene.

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The intriguing story of a long lost scouting mission and many years of wonder for a Lieutenant serving on the USS Enterprise. Who is DIA? Alien? Spirit? A Life Force? Or something the crew of the Enterprise has never experienced before?

In final stages of post production. Release Date soon to be announced.

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The slow arduous task of matting. ...

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The ongoing mission of The Federation Files is to continue creating Star Trek by writing, producing and furthering the feel and essence of the original series with stories that reflect and parallel what those original stories meant and the messages that were told in the 1966-1969 season. Sure, as with dreaming and writing new stories, we hope to always be going in a direction that will be embraced as accurate to the original themes of the original series episodes. This is the place for the combining of the love of the original Star Trek TV series with the love for the creative art of movie making.


Our team is made up of Star Trek filmmakers , actors and production people from all corners of the globe.



Glen is as rare as they come. His love and fascination with Star Trek, coupled with his innate abilities for making both hand props and full size Star Trek replica set pieces makes him a valuable team member when it comes to conception, producing and releasing Star Trek fan films. Glen has work on many Star Trek fan films such as Star Trek: Temporal Anomaly (2015), Star Trek Secret Voyage: Rise of the Gongdea (2014) and Star Trek: Horizon. His latest project is, The Federation Files with the first episodic release entitled, "His Name is Mudd"



Dan has been creating and producing video for more than 25 years. He owns 2 TV stations and is proficient with all aspects of post-production. Also an avid lover of Star Trek and has worked on several Star Trek fan films.


The Federation Files

The Federation Files is a fan-based film group making Star Trek original series episodes for Star Trek fans. Each episode branches out past the Starship Enterprise to feature stories from the Memory Alpha database. These stories are told from different perspectives including other Starship captains, colonists, deep space explorers and all try and capture the essence of the original Star Trek TV series, The Federation Files Facebook page is a place for those who love Star Trek and love making independent films based around the back drop of Star Trek and the many stories yet to be told. The studios include a 5400 square feet and houses many identical sets, props and wardrobe from the original series. It is a place for aspiring filmmakers to come along with producers, crew personnel, actors, writers and others who want to be a part of an intensive event recreating and contributing to Star Trek history. CBS™, the owner of Star Trek and the guidelines set forth for fan film producers is part of the mission of The Federation Files.

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