The Federation Files Series

A Star Trek fan production based on the original series episode, Mudd’s Women which aired 50 years ago, October 13, 1966. In this episode, The Federation Files, “My Name is Mudd”, Harcort “Harry” Fenton Mudd joins the star ship U.S.S. Constitution and its crew with Captain Charles McCain. In typical Mudd fashion, nothing goes smoothly on this mission to rescue Mudd’s son and friend who have been hijacked by a race who are not in the current Starfleet data base.

“His Name is Mudd”
Release Date October 13, 2016

“Walking Bear, Running Wolf”
Release Date July 2017



The Federation Files Animated Series
Original Audio by Peter Pan Records. Go Animate! by Glen L. Wolfe
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“A Mirror for Futility”



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“In Vino Veritas”



“Crier in the Emptiness”






“Human Factor”